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Images for writing (Forest writing)

Forest Images for Writing
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Learning Intention: We are learning to be Resourceful by Capitalising and making good use of the things that are available for us to use in the classroom to help us with our learning.

Paired/Individual Writing

How: Choose a buddy to write with or work by yourself.


  • I support the main ideas with enough detail to give the reader a clear and engaging picture.

  • I write sentences that mostly make sense.

  • I use language features to extend or clarify meaning and engage the audience.
    • Similes
    • Metaphor
    • Personification
    • Onomatopeia

The Icy arch
By Chloe ,Tia and Lyric

  1. village
  2. Ice skating
  3. Banquet
  4. Man stealing
  5. Trapping simon

The naked trees towered over us as we walked along the icy pathway. We were heading towards a big archway of snow covered trees as we started to realise it  lead  to a whole new icy land. Wow look at the sparkling icy lake and the people in the village skating upon the ice. A little boy skated to us and said
“hi their my name is Freddie come join us”.      
We looked up at each other and smiled , let's do it we thought to ourselves.

“Where are the ice skates?“ Tia asked  
“In that little blue and white shed” said Freddie
“Ok thank you” lyric said as Freddie skated away. We ran to the other side of the frozen lake and opened the door
“wow” Chloe  said under her breath as we looked around the sparkling white walls with lots of gold shelves with lots of different colors and sizes.
“Right” Tia said “what size are you chloe” Tia asked
“I'm size 2” replies   Chloe, what about you Lyric
“I'm a size 5” replied Lyric
“and I’m size 3” Tia said,  so off we went to go and get our ice skates, we all squeezed on our ice skates then carefully walked over to the lake.

About 5 minutes later we all had our ice skates on.
“So how do we ice skate I kinda forgot how to use them” Chloe yelled to Tia
“um just walk around the edge then you will get the hang of it” Tia yelled
“ ok ”said chloe as she slipped on to her bum
ouch” !!! chloe screamed. We skated all around the lake until about 9.00 then we thought it might be time to go to bed.
“where is the visitor hut” Tia asked freddie
“over there” he said
“thanks” said Lyric and off we went to the visitor hut, we finally got there when we saw how beautiful the place looked with 4 pure white bunks and  the ladders were beautiful sparkling gold.
“ok we need to go to sleep not admire the room” announced Tia
“ok” replied Chloe and Lyric at the same time. We hopped into bed and snuggled up into the warm, comfy covers as we fell fast asleep.

When morning came we jumped out of bed and whipped back into our day clothes and ran outside. WOW we said under our breath of steam
“look at the sunrise” said Lyric amazed
“yeah it’s amazing” whispered Tia.
The trumpets are going off “ahh what do we do is their an emergency”screeched Chloe at Tia and Lyric.
“Hey you guys are you hungry” yelled a villager as she ran closer
“Yeah of course we are” announced chloe
Then come over to the banquet
“Ok” as we ran behind  the villager the tables were full with pancakes and eggs , bacon and more.
“Hey guys look at the cake it’s ten layers high” said lyric. Tia’s mouth was watering as she looked at the huge chocolate cake before her.Chloe almost fainted when she saw how tall the chocolate fudge cake was,It looked like a staircase. At the end of the day all the food was gone and it was time to go home to bed. We ran to to the visitor hut and opened the door and ran inside to bed.

“Hey guys wake up” whispered chloe
“I think their might be someone in here, I can hear somebody in that chest over there” Chloe whispered  “ok who is it” Tia and Lyric whispered together “i don’t know let’s have a look” so Chloe,Tia and Lyric tiptoed over to the chest and opened it and…  Somebody Leaped out “Move out of my way my son is waiting” The Grumpy old Man yelled!!!

“I’m suspicious that was Freddie’s dad because I knew he looked up to mischief” Tia confirmed .
“I don’t know Tia Freddie is nice” said Lyric.
“Well he had a evil like smile” said Chloe.
“Ok definitely evil” said Lyric.
We went back to bed then thump bang it made the same noise
“what the heck is going on now” said Chloe.
“It's not in here we'll see in the morning then report it” said Tia worried .
“ok” said Lyric. So off we went to the town hall. We walked into the town hall and went to the reception and told them what happened to us  they said “trap him”

“What are we going to do” Chloe said in a worried voice,
“I know” said Lyric
“we could trap him in a cage”
“No no no” said Tia
“we could trap him in the forest with barbwire and get his name and age and everything about him”
“That's good” said chloe
“Let's go tell the town hall people and get supplies”
“Ok let's go” yelled Lyric already running off
We ran to the town hall and told them everything we had in mind, then they took us to this really weird place and gave us all the supplies.
Then we went home and put our stuff in the safe and went to bed.

The ice was sparkling and we raced to the village and we found the man  that was in the chest. Chloe was sooooooooooooo surprised

The next day we started to make the barb wire cage the long , thick , black wire swirled around  forming a strong base . We wrapped the wire around and around until we formed a nice, strong cage to catch the man in .
“ I think this will do” said Tia.
We set it up in the forest so we could catch the old man in action.  
“Were sure to catch him now” said Chloe .
“ Yeah”said Tia .
While we were making the cage the town hall people were making a lock for the cage. We put the lock on the cage and left it open for the old man to go inside.We heard a few noises but it was just a couple possums.   It was heading to night so we went to bed.

Boom crash bang. “What was that” shrieked lyric jumping out of bed “I don’t know” said chloe panicking” well we are going to find out” said Tia calmly. We put on our slippers, ran outside and rung the village bell to wake everyone up then we all ran to giant cage that was closed. We looked in the cage, two people were sitting inside one was crying and the other pacing. “We caught  them” whispered Tia “Yep” whispered lyric. We ran into the cage and there they were Freddie and his dad. “What are you doing” yelled Chloe “nothing we were …. We were”said Freddies dad “We know you up to something” Tia yelled “fine” said Freddie “No son No” yelled his dad “we were ... up to something” Said freddie “knew it” said Lyric “we are going to report this to the closest prison” Said Tia. So they took them to the few cells that were there until the prison comes to collect them.   
Once they got there everyone was cheering and hugging the three heros that saved them from their misery, but it was time to go home back through the Icy ach and back down the Icy path way all the way home.

The end

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